Keeping you stronger for longer!

Communifit is simply health and fitness for everyone in the community, from the youth to the aged. No matter what your goals we are here to guide you and work alongside you to achieve optimum health and wellness in your life.

Find your confidence inside our classes, be that our well-known Bootcamps pushing you to challenge yourself or through our Sit & Strengthen inside care and residential homes. No one misses out on having their opportunity to move and keep their body functioning as it should.

Meet Craig

Founder of Communifit, highly qualified trainer and believer in making fitness and wellness available to everyone no matter age. Passionate about supporting people and helping them achieve their goals. Communifit has grown from its small beginnings as a personal trainer that helped his frail grandma gain strength and purpose to where it is now, a beacon of light to the whole community.

Inside the Communifit family, we offer; Personal Training, Sit & Strengthen,

Bootcamps, Boxercise, Sports Team Training,

Running Clubs for all levels and a monthly 5km Series!

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