Sit & Strengthen

Our hugely popular chair-based exercise programme Sit and Strengthen is being delivered across multiple nursing, care and residential homes across Somerset and Dorset. The main objectives of this class are to improve functional independence and fall prevention using a variety of equipment.

Specifically targeting all the major muscle groups of the body, the class is carefully tailored to the individual person’s strengths, weaknesses and limitations.

We concentrate on retaining and improving physical strength which in turn improves the functional independence and psychological well-being of participants. Our programme is also designed to improve balance and will help prevent falls.

One of the main components of the ageing process is muscle deterioration. Muscle deterioration affects joint mobility, flexibility in our muscles, and balance making everyday activities become much more difficult. As we start to live longer, the need for strengthening becomes more and more important. Slowing down the process of muscle deterioration means all the named negatives of the ageing process also slow down, therefore improving our quality of life.

Sit and Strengthen will improve independence if muscle strength is maintained in order to perform everyday activities. Stronger muscles will also mean stronger bones and joints. With a stronger lower body, falling is less likely. Fall prevention and independence are two elements of the ageing process that Sit and Strengthen looks to alleviate.

We provide and use a variety of equipment including ankle weights, dumbbells, resistance bands and pilates balls. The weekly class lasts 45 minutes and is £40 per session.

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